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In an attempt to use the CMS I love most on the iPhone I love most, I have made a specific iPhone admin Theme for txp v4.3.0

The latest version comes as a admin theme, no more extra files or changing the index file to make it work. Download the file and upload it to your textpattern theme folder

Download v0.4.1

New Install

  1. Upload the txpmobile file into your textpattern theme folder
  2. Change your theme to txpmobile in the preferences
  3. Done! Test on a mobile device

Upgrading from 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3

  1. If you upgraded to txp v4.3.0 i'ts most likley txpmobile stoped working so disabled it, but just in case
  2. Upgrade textpattern to version 4.3.0
  3. Use the standard textpattern/index.php file
  4. Delete the folder textpattern/txpmobile as it's no longer needed
  5. Follow the instructions for new install if not already

Download v0.3 If you still need to (works with textpattern v4.2.0)

Thats all Folks!

This is still in an early stage and hopefully more things to come. Please note that this has been done in my spare time and will not be able to give any kind of full support to it, but requests and help in the forum are more than welcome

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1 I say Mobile (SmartPhone) I am hoping this works across most mobiles, testers with other phone are welcome.